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Life Coach & Energy Healer

Life Coach & Energy Healer

Life Coach & Energy HealerLife Coach & Energy Healer

What people are saying about their sessions with Sarah.


"You have made a big difference in my life. You helped me have the confidence to beat down my fears and go for a dream. You helped me talk back to my negative voices and notice my thoughts. You've taught me so much with love and kindness. You have a gift for understanding and empathy. I have felt supported and important to you and you have been incredibly important to me. I'm doing better because of all you've taught me."


"Several months ago I began working with Sarah through the Body Code.  First, let me say that every single event she mentioned, both my age at the time of the event and the emotional block created from it was spot-on.  She hit the exact age and very logical resulting emotions and physical issues resulting from having experienced that particular event.  WOW!  She had no idea what the event was—just my age and result.  Impressive! 

I have to mention one other thing that has changed my life so immensely that even doctors have asked what happened since they last saw me!  When Sarah reached the point in the initial process of determining allergies, she discovered that my mind had convinced my body that it was allergic to being healthy!  Can you imagine?!  Of course, it quickly explained why no matter how well treatment plans were working, I soon ended up developing more issues than helps.  What an insight!  I absolutely thought I hated being unhealthy!  After the shock wore off, I was able to process that bit of information and find the rewards for being sick and the needs being filled by that continual sickness.  Not a great thing to realize, but a very necessary one.  I then took all of those needs and found other positive ways to fill them!  I now get up every morning and look myself in the face and say, “I AM HEALTHY!”  You know what?  I really am now!  I may catch a cold or flu like anyone else, but that doesn’t mean I am not healthy!  I never would have known that and probably would have cut at least 10-15 years off my life had Sarah not discovered this for me!" 


 "Sarah is a bright, talented woman and energy worker with a loving heart, great laugh, and deep intuition, who strives to remain clear and centered herself as she uses her training and talent to bless lives. I appreciate her intuition, the dedication she has to her field, and the investment she has made in advanced education to further the work and her passion. Sarah's calm, loving energy and wisdom will help you move through your own blocks to make a clearer path to your own success in life and relationships. Highly recommend!" 


"Sarah has helped me so much, with her Body Code work.  She worked on me two different times, for two different issues, with great results both times. Last week, I had an acute flare up of arthritis in my left knee.  In spite of icing it and taking Tylenol around the clock, by the end of the third day, my pain level was 10/10.  It was quite swollen, with pain radiating down through my calf to my ankle, and up the back of my thigh.  The swelling was even affecting circulation, as I was feeling a tingling sensation in my foot.  I texted her, and she did a session on me and I have to say, the most amazing thing happened.  As I received a text from her, asking, "how is it now?" I felt a distinct pop in the back of my knee and calf and the pain dissipated, like a popped balloon.  Suddenly, my pain was 4/10. Over the next 30 minutes, the pain built back up to 7/10.  She did another session on me and the pain decreased to 2/10.  By the next morning, all I was experiencing was a dull ache that I would say was 1/10.   All pain was gone by that evening.  This was so amazing to me. Energy work is an amazing thing.  I strongly recommend Sarah as a Body Code Practitioner." 


"Sarah has a definite talent for energy work. She's easy to relate to, easy to talk to, and she's in-tune. She is able to tackle big emotional and physical problems, as well as mere annoyances. I have had several people who do energy work help me with childhood and recent trauma so I have a good base of experience and I would use Sarah over and over again because she is good!"


  "After 20+ years of suffering from depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, & desperation, I finally found the cure without ever needing medication or years of therapy. Sarah's healing work has truly transformed my life forever. I have spent years trying almost anything to break this cycle of negativity and all attempts failed. Sarah's intuition and experience in energy healing is more real than words can describe. It needs to be experienced rather than explained. If you are a skeptic, I say what do you have to lose to try something that seems new when it is the one thing that can heal whatever it is you need?  Her work is almost like magic. I am 36 yrs old and my body before Sarah's work felt tense, unhealthy, and blocked, but now my body feels normal and everything seems to work and move as it should. I feel about 10 years younger. My menstrual cramps have decreased a lot also, which is a bonus. My 9 yr old had a very sad look on her face for years. She would rarely smile genuinely. After her 1st session, it seemed like a huge weight was lifted off her and she could be a happy child again.  I am truly and forever grateful that I have met Sarah to heal me and my children. This stuff is real. Thank you so much, Sarah."  


"Emotion code has helped me so much. I was able release emotions I didn't know I had. I was also able to understand what I had been dealing with for so many years. It has changed my life." 


"I am happy to give you a testimonial of the great work you have provided me, over the past month in a few short sessions. I am not new to ENERGY WORK, nor is it new to me to do this work, by PROXY, and over the phone. It has been so beneficial, and quick, and convenient. I started to do MY OWN WORK, in 1980, which has changed my life. To become aware of my own body and my mind, is a fabulous thing. To be responsible for my choices both consciously AND SUBCONSCIOUSLY, in life. To work with you and your wonderful INTUITION of MY BODY, has been incredible to experience.   One of the sessions, my granddaughter was blown away, when I showed her my PROTRUDING CLAVICLE, on my right side, and that I TOLD YOU NOTHING ABOUT, but YOU brought up. I had a weakness on that body part, and yet YOU Didn't know or see it through me. This work is very real, and very powerful. I highly recommend it, and would hope that people would use PRAYER, ALWAYS, with this process, with Sarah. It is blessing my life, and some of my children and grandchildren. I am excited and most grateful. Thank you." 


 "I wanted to thank Sarah for her exceptional work. I have had three sessions. I hadn't been able to turn my neck very far to the left for several years. It was always stressed from a fall I had. By my third session, as Sarah worked on that specific area, I could for the first time, turn my head to almost look behind me. IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!! AS we were on the phone, I was in joy and awe and expressed with glee my excitement to Sarah. I'm pretty sure I was crying. There were many other energetic things that were dealt with as well, but that one was like A MIRACLE. I wish I were being filmed at that moment.  Thank you,  Sarah. Looking forward to Many more healings. I FEEL AMAZING! " 


"I have been receiving emotion code and body code from Sarah and have been noticing the improvements in how I feel.  I had a terrible accident falling about 20 feet down a staircase. I broke my neck and a couple of vertebrae in my spine. Broke my sternum and a finger. I was seriously injured and have been in a lot of pain. After many organs and areas were aligned by body code I began to feel relief from a lot of pain."   


"I am a competitive athlete who recently suffered injuries to both knees and back from a ski accident. I have had several body code sessions with Sarah now and have benefited immensely. My biggest fear during my convalescence has been falling into a depression. I have a tendency towards this and use exercise as my medicine. I have also suffered from digestive issues and lactose intolerance. The body code sessions have enabled me to heal quicker. My bilateral torn MCL knee ligaments have healed remarkably fast. I was off crutches after just over a week and able to stop wearing my knee braces around 3 weeks. My back pain is getting less and less detectable. Emotionally I have had very brief periods of sadness and negativity which I have been able to quickly release and then find myself thinking positive once again. Overall emotionally I feel I have been able to keep things in perspective better. And the bonus for me is that my digestion has improved especially when it concerns dairy foods. I am enjoying small amounts of cheese and milk again. Thank you, Sarah."