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The purpose of the Emotion Code and the Body Code System is to identify imbalances in the body that prevent the body from healing naturally.

It is not to be used as a substitute for medical care. It is not my intention to give medical advice for diagnosis or treatment of disease, nor should it be a replacement for professional care of a medical or psychological nature. If you have concerns regarding anything discussed in the session, you are encouraged to seek the advice of your medical provider.

Should I recommend any supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, herbal preparations, or any compounds or other external remedies, you should seek the professional advice of your health care provider prior to using it and use it at your own risk.

Some clients experience an increase in physical discomfort that may come in the form of cold/flu symptoms following the release of energies. This is normal and should resolve within a week.

I cannot make any promises or claims for the outcome of our healing sessions. Any estimate should be taken as approximate and not as a guarantee of the result you are seeking or hoping to obtain.

Your personal information will be kept confidential. Any use of information will be anonymous, for the purpose of education and/or research.

Should you seek more specific information about the service provided, feel free to check out the website of Dr. Bradley Nelson, the developer of the Body Code: and/or by reading his book, The Emotion Code.