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Life Coach & Energy Healer

Life Coach & Energy Healer

Life Coach & Energy HealerLife Coach & Energy Healer





Do you struggle with anxiety and/or depression? Do you feel like you try to move forward or improve yourself but something keeps blocking you from success? I will arm you with the tools and knowledge that will enable you to break free from past chains that prevent you from moving forward in your life so you can finally live the life of your dreams. 

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I use energy healing techniques to remove blockages in your energy field that prevent you from both physical and emotional healing. Please see FAQ's to read how it works or see my testimonials page for clients' experiences.

Electromagnetic frequencies or EMF's are invisible but dangerous forces in our current technology-filled world that are wreaking havoc in our bodies, causing cancer and other ailments. These EMFs come from cellular, tv, and radio waves, as well as from electronics of every kind. Click here for more information and the answer to this harmful energy.

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Tuesday through Friday 10am-1pm & 6-8pm PST

My passion is people. I love to embrace the uniqueness individuals bring and help them see the beauty in themselves. My goal is to leave each heart better than I found it

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